Looking Back at Video Summary of 2019 Seminar

The Wisconsin Idea Seminar’s 2019 River Tour was five days packed full with so much learning about Wisconsin life. Rivers provided our narrative frame as we discussed and experienced the cultural, educational, industrial, social, and political realities of the state. Our bus traveled from places like Milwaukee’s Sherman Phoenix, a vibrant hub for entrepreneurs of color, to the La Farge Medical Clinic that serves nearby Amish communities. One morning we walked through the cranberry marshes at Gottschalk Cranberry Inc. in Cranmoor, and the next we were visiting the creative spaces of students and educators at rural De Soto Area Schools. During our journey that covered 600 miles and included more than 20 stops, our communications intern Bethany Prochnow documented our travels and produced a short 3-minute video.  Take a look back at our video summary of the Wisconsin Idea Seminar’s 2019 River Tour.