WIS Collaborator Leads Creative Placemaking Summer Workshop

Headshot of Sherry Wagner-Henry

Sherry Wagner-Henry, director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration at UW-Madison, and her team will lead a creative placemaking workshop this summer for artists, arts and cultural leaders and workers, urban and rural planners, BID staff, Main Street and neighborhood association staff and volunteers, and anyone else interested in arts-based community development. The workshop will allow participants to gain an enhanced understanding of the principles of creative placemaking, considerations and criteria for developing and assessing projects, and best practices for building partnerships. Interested in registering? Read more here! Sherry is an advocate of artist-led community development and helps build and works to build and support building long-term partnerships that support the health and well-being of Wisconsin communities. She will co-lead two roundtable discussions in Stevens Point during the 2019 Wisconsin Idea Seminar River Tour. Click here to view the course flyer!