Stories of the Wisconsin Idea

In new First-Year Interest Group, students connect with the land through Indigenous lens

Students gather around a fire circle.

  Wisconsin Idea Seminar director Catherine Reiland joined hands with colleagues to develop a special high-impact, community-building learning experience for first-year students that celebrates and honors our connections to land and water while considering Indigenous …

Milwaukee Nonprofit Still Providing Services and Support to Latino Community

Al Castro, the health research program director at Milwaukee’s United Community Center, helped the 2016 and 2018 Wisconsin Idea Seminar participants learn about elder and memory care services tailored to Latino communities in the Milwaukee area and the importance of supporting pipelines that prepares young bilingual and bicultural students for careers in the health sciences. (Image by Catherine Reiland/UW-Madison)

Dispatches from Our Own Wisconsin: Al Castro of the United Community Center  Al Castro is the Director of Health Research Programs at the United Community Center, a nonprofit Latino community organization in Milwaukee.  With an extensive …