Each year the cohort of Wisconsin Idea Seminar participants is selected through an application process.

We welcome UW-Madison faculty and academic staff to apply in consultation with their departmental chairs or divisional directors.

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the application form.
  2. After submitting, you will receive a pdf of your application form via email.
  3. Send the pdf to your department chair or unit director for signature.
  4. Route the form to the office of the dean of your division, school, or college.
  5. Send completed forms (with signatures) as a pdf to

To ensure consideration, completed application forms must be received by the Provost’s Office by February 15, 2024.

Some schools and colleges have internal deadlines that precede February 15. Check with your dean’s office for details.

Remember: Completed forms include signatures of the applicant’s department/division chair and dean.


“Just do it!”

Every year returned Wisconsin Idea Seminar participants tell us they wholeheartedly recommend the experience to colleagues. And each year the most repeated phrase in their recommendations to others is “Just do it.”

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Who May Apply

  • New faculty members
  • Recently tenured faculty members
  • New deans and department chairs
  • Lead academic staff with statewide or community-engaged responsibilities
  • University staff whose responsibilities include community engagement, student services, or other kinds of outreach

Questions about eligibility and other details? Check out our FAQ page.

Selection Process

Deans of schools and colleges recommend candidates for selection to the Provost’s Office. By mid-April, approximately 35 people from a cross-section of schools and colleges and disciplines will be selected to participate.