Wisconsin Idea Seminar Dairy Advisor Works to Support Grad Students

Image of Kent Weigel Kent Weigel, professor, extension specialist, and chair of the Dairy Science Department. Image from UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.


Kent Weigel, a professor, extension specialist, and chair of the Dairy Science Department, helps change graduate students’ lives through a new program — the Dairy Research Partnership. This new initiative encourages dairy-related businesses to fund the education of graduate students who are conducting industry-related research. The program is supporting four graduate students this year who are focusing on nutrition, behavior, and reproduction. One of the graduate students is looking at calf welfare with WIS’18 participant Jennifer Van Os, an assistant professor of Dairy Science. The Dairy Research Partnership initiative in Weigel’s department allows both the dairy industry and the graduate students to benefit. The dairy industry receives new solutions, products, and technologies. In turn, the graduate students learn new skills and build technical expertise that prepare them for their future in the industry. Weigel and Van Os advise the Wisconsin Idea Seminar on dairy themes. Read more!