WIS Collaborator Mystic Valley Dairy Recycles Silage Plastic

Photo of Mitch Breunig 14 May, 2018. Third-generation farmer Mitch Breunig and UW-Madison alumnus leads a group of Wisconsin I Idea Seminar participants through Mystic Valley Dairy, his family’s farm in rural Roxbury. Over the years he has nurtured a tremendous partnership with the UW-Madison, collaborating on new ideas and research to improve Wisconsin's dairy Industry. One of his collaborators, Heather White, assistant professor in nutritional physiology in the department of Dairy Science, accompanied Breunig as he led the tour.(Photo by Michael P. King/UW-Madison CALS)


Mitch Bruenig, owner of Mystic Valley Dairy in Sauk City, is one of 5000 farmers in Wisconsin that have joined forces with Wisconsin-based Revolution Plastics to recycle plastic feed bags and other agricultural plastics. Breunig hosted the 2018 Wisconsin Idea Seminar at his farm to help participants learn about the valuable ways he collaborates with UW-Madison dairy researchers.

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