WIS Collaborator and Pediatric Immunologist Developing Genetic Screening Tailored to Amish Newborns In Wisconsin

Photo of Christine Seroogy et al. Christine Seroogy, second from left, in May, 2017, following a Wisconsin Idea Seminar roundtable discussion about health and healing with Plain communities in western Wisconsin. She was joined by midwife Amanda DeVoogdt, Dr. James Deline, and Mark Louden who discussed how mutually beneficial collaborations are possible when health practitioners and researchers join hands with the communities they serve. . (Photo by Hyunsoo Léo Kim/UW-Madison)


Dr. Christine Seroogy, a pediatric immunologist and associate professor at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, heads a project  funded by the UW-Madison Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment, to pinpoint the unique genetic disorders affecting Plain sect communities in Wisconsin, and then to design a low-cost screening to enhance current newborn genetic testing. Seroogy and research collaborator Dr. James DeLine of the Center for Special Children in La Farge, helped 2017 Wisconsin Idea Seminar participants learn about mutually beneficial collaborations made possible when health practitioners join hands with the communities they serve.

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