Photo of Catherine ReilandCatherine Reiland, Director / 608-262-0380

Catherine Reiland designs and implements the annual Wisconsin Idea Seminar, a long-standing faculty and staff development program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Wisconsin Idea has informed, inspired and mobilized much of her work on campus, and for over a decade she has directed programming that celebrates and forwards the valuable contributions the University of Wisconsin makes to local communities and the world. She is attentive to the deep legacy of the Wisconsin Idea and continually seeks out collaborative ways to facilitate the exchange of ideas between people on and off campus.

Catherine is a UW-Madison alumna with a master’s degree from New York University. Her academic interests include tourist productions, visual cultures, photography, performance studies, museum studies, and memory. Read a short 2016 interview with Catherine here.

Photo of Yvonne Quamee

Yvonne Quamme, Administrative Assistant / 608-262-8072

Yvonne Quamme assists with planning the Wisconsin Idea Seminar, and travels along on the tour for administrative support. She specializes in financial management. Her main job duty on campus is housed within the Office of the Provost, where she is the Assistant to the Provost. In Yvonne’s free time, she likes to golf and spend time with her grandchildren.

Bethany Prochnow, Intern / 608-890-3670

Bethany Prochnow is the intern for the Wisconsin Idea Seminar. She helps plan the five-day tour in addition to updating the social media pages and doing communications for the seminar. She is an undergraduate student at UW-Madison, and will graduate in May of 2020 with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Life Sciences Communication. Bethany enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling. Read a short 2019 interview with Bethany here. 

Before heading to Picnic Point the Wisconsin Idea Seminar team--Yvonne Quamme, Catherine Reiland, and Bethany Prochnow--stands with Bill Quackenbush, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer of the Ho-Chunk Nation, who leads a Ho-Chunk cultural landscape walking tour for Seminar participants each year. (Photo by Nick Wilkes Photography / UW-Madison)