University of Wisconsin–Madison

Seminar Collaborators Discuss the Future of Farming

Third-generation farmer Mitch Breunig and UW-Madison assistant professor of dairy science Heather White lead a group of Wisconsin Idea Seminar participants through Mystic Valley Dairy in 2018. Over the years, Breunig has nurtured a tremendous partnership with UW-Madison, collaborating on new ideas and research to improve Wisconsin's dairy industry. (Photo by Michael P. King/UW-Madison CALS)

Mitch Breunig, third-generation farmer at Mystic Valley Dairy in Sauk City, and Kent Weigel, livestock geneticist and chair of UW-Madison’s dairy science department, passionately explained some current struggles associated with dairy farming in a recent article for Wisconsin State Farmer. Breunig welcomed the Wisconsin Idea Seminar to his 400-cow operation in 2018, where Weigel helped lead a tour of the farm. Together, the two helped WIS participants understand the challenges and rewards of dairy farming in Wisconsin, something that they continue to do today. Read the full article here: