Looking Forward: Bay Tour 2021

At the water's edge in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. At the water's edge in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wisconsin Idea Seminar’s BAY TOUR (May 11-15, 2020) has been postponed to 2021. This is the first year since its inception in 1985 that the Wisconsin Idea Seminar bus won’t be departing from Madison to meet diverse folks from Wisconsin, to see the Wisconsin Idea expressed in different contexts, and to see the places that many of our UW-Madison students call home. Dozens of hosts and collaborators joined hands with our team to chart out this year’s Wisconsin Idea Seminar, and for that, we are grateful without end. The BAY TOUR, in many ways, is a meditation on water and our relation to it. It is also a meditation on our relations to land and each other. During this particularly hard time, our connections to each other and our communities are in high relief, presenting complexities, solace, and sometimes even some moments of joy. As students of Wisconsin life, we look forward to 2021 when we will head up the Fox River Valley to the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Door County, and down the eastern “lakeboard” of Wisconsin to Milwaukee, with many stops in between. Forward, as we say in Wisconsin!